American Heart Association CPR Guidelines

ProFirstAid follows the latest guidelines from the American Heart Association for CPR training.

Now, what exactly does this statement mean? Is ProFirstAid an American Heart Association affiliate? The answer is "no." Allow us to explain further.

The American Heart Association acts as the American liaison to the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR). It is the AHA's responsibility to communicate the committee’s findings to U.S. training companies so they can model their curriculum after the latest consensus guidelines.

While it is the duty of the American Heart Association to communicate the CPR guidelines, the AHA does not take on the responsibility of reviewing or approving other curricula. This is a common misconception about CPR certification cards. In fact, the American Heart Association acts as a competitor in the marketplace by selling its own training and certification card, which is, not surprisingly, the most popular curriculum.

The popularity of the American Heart Association as a training entity does not inherently make it the best or only option for health care workers to renew their CPR certification. It is up to the discretion of every employer whether or not to accept a particular certification card. So, be sure to check with your employer to see if ProFirstAid will work for you. ProFirstAid's blended CPR program is widely accepted as an American Heart Association alternative card.