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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “Thank you for this website that I can do this CPR renewal on line! Life is so crazy and hectic and I can't get to a college class, etc. to do this. Thank you so much!”

    ~ Krista, Respiratory Therapis from Maryland
  • “Very good course. Better for those who need to go at their own pace.”

    ~ Tammy
  • “This was my first experience with CPR / First Aid training online. I prefer this method because I was able to review the videos if I felt I needed to, and I could take breaks whenever I wanted to. This helped me remain focused throughout the training. I am so glad our company approved this method of training.”

    ~ Patricia-Anne from Hawaii
  • “As a preschool director I found this test very comprehensive and I would recommend it to other child care professionals.”

    ~ Diane, Child Care / Day Care Provider from Maryland
  • “Thank you for having such training course and test for a beginner for CPR and First Aid. I learned so much through your videos showing actual presentations of how CPR/First Aid should be done accordingly.”

    ~ Rebecca from California

    ~ Tina from Hawaii
  • “The videos are very clear and easy to understand. I love that I could do this sitting on my couch while minding my baby at the same time. I can't just leave my baby for 8 hours of the day to do a course so this was really awesome.”

    ~ Katherine, ECE from BC
  • “I enjoyed learning CPR and First Aid through the use of videos because I could learn from visual aid how important these topics are to know for so many situations. I loved this program!”

    ~ Ashley from Illinois
  • “The test is accurate, helpful, and informational. I have taken CPR / first aid in a class, and it was long and boring. This was exciting because the man was energetic and he knew what he was talking about.”

    ~ Tehira from Pennsylvania
  • “By taking the ProFirstAid course, I have been brought to understand in a quick and easy way how I can effectively save a life. The information found in this course has been very complete and informative on all life-skills that one needs to perform in an emergency situation. I know that this training will make a difference in my life and the lives of the people that I'm able to help because of it.”

    ~ hyrum from Idaho
  • “This site is great! I really like the fact that you can do everything first and then pay for your certificate, so you can see what you're paying for; not many others can say that. I also like the weekly videos to keep your skills up to date and everything fresh. I can't say enough about this site.”

    ~ Jeanne, Care Provider from California
  • “The training videos are precise, informative, and very helpful. It's great that you can review sections again if necessary. This really prepared me for my professional needs. Thank you!”

    ~ Lynn, Physical Education Teacher from Texas
  • “I'm so glad there is CPR online training courses! Why well in my case it's hard in a small town where I live and I'm a busy college student so I don't have time to sit in a classroom for 4 hours extra while I'm in college classes all day!!! I'm glad that I gave ProTrainings a try since I had some great online classes at school for some of my online courses! ProTrainings rocks!!! I totally recommend ProTrainings to anyone that is looking for a quick easy way wanting to get their CPR training without sitting in a classroom!”

    ~ Ryshika, Social Work from Illinois
  • “This is my 2nd time taking my cpr/first aid on this site. This is my preferred method. I find it more helpful because if I need/want to have something repeated I am able to do it. The instructor is very clear and easy to understand along with demonstration. I also like that they provide hands on if preferred. One of the best things about the course is that I am sent videos via e-mail each week which makes it possible to keep refreshed with all the information in the course. I would recommend it to anyone who needs or wants to take cpr/first aid. ”

    ~ Linda, independent living instructor and care provider from California
  • “I learned more from the training videos than I have from the recertification classes that I have been taking for the past 14 years.”

    ~ Melisa M., Child Care / Day Care Provider from Nebraska
  • “I loved using this site. I did not have the time to go to a place and take this in a classroom setting. I feel like I learned a lot even though it was online. I was able to take notes at my own pace and re-watch a video if I needed to understand something better.”

    ~ Alyssa, server from California
  • “I found this online CPR/AED First Aid course to be very informative. The online video was clear and easy to understand. The information was thorough and precise. The pre-test allowed me to go back and review in order to strengthen my knowledge regarding areas that I may have been weak in. Taking the test before having to pay for it and being able to print out my certification immediatley was also a plus.”

    ~ Beverly
  • “I loved the idea of being able to train at home - it was like a one-on-one training that I could "practice" as many times as necessary to feel confident. You don't get that kind of focus in a rushed, crowded classroom!”

    ~ Krissi-Lee from Florida
  • “Great training for anyone needing to be certified. I split the training videos up into two days and watched them in my spare time. The videos really stick with you and the test is a breeze if you listen. Great job ProFirstAid, will use again!”

    ~ Jacob, Administrator from Kentucky
  • “ProCPR is by far the most convenient CPR and first aid training I've completed in many years of required testing and certification. I didn't realize it could be this easy. I just watched the videos and used the convenient student manual in the limited time I had each day until I was finished with the training. And because I'm on-call at work, I felt great knowing I could stop the test at any time and save it up to seven days and finish when I was available to do so. The best part is, I didn't have to pay until I completed and passed the test, so for anyone out there who has test anxiety, not only can you stop and restart the test, you can always retake the exam if you didn't pass the first time. I'm very happy with the training and just got 100% on my test. I think anyone can do this using ProCPR's great training!”

    ~ Katharine, Child Care Worker from Washington
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “This is very good information for helping me have ability to act fact in an emergency ”

    ~ Louann, about 13 hours ago
  • “ Great course and excellent teaching ”

    ~ Pedro, 1 day ago
  • “To the point and thorough test”

    ~ Catherine, 1 day ago
  • “I just wanted to say thank you so mush Pro Training for a wonderful experience training session I truly believe that every one should get Certified in CPR Training because it can save your life .”

    ~ Linston M, 2 days ago
  • “I took this several years ago and the site has improved greatly. The videos are easy to follow with clear instruction.”

    ~ Sheri, 3 days ago
  • “Too long”

    ~ Hieya, 3 days ago
  • “Great knowledge videos and training in the comfort of your home or office and can do on your own schedule ”

    ~ Chrystal, 3 days ago
  • “This was a great course, I have taken others from you. it simple and can be done at my convience, which is great.”

    ~ Betsy, 4 days ago
  • “I love using this training. It's very helpful ”

    ~ Vettie Patrice, 4 days ago
  • “Excellent and well prepared...thank you!”

    ~ Gordon, 4 days ago
  • “I really enjoyed and understood the training, somewhat better and interesting than a regular classroom training I had attended before.”

    ~ Rahmat, 4 days ago
  • “Being able to do this at my convenience was great!”

    ~ Brent, 4 days ago
  • “Excellent refresher ”

    ~ Robert, 5 days ago
  • “Very convenient, I didn’t my test in my spare time, it was even save when I’m have to stop ”

    ~ Sandra, 6 days ago
  • “fantastic site for those of us who are in a hurry. I am glad I could get this done quickly.”

    ~ Nicholetta, 7 days ago
  • “The instructor was clear and sincere in his explanations. ”

    ~ Barbara, 7 days ago
  • “Roy did a great job of delivering the course content in a calm, friendly, and professional manner. Everything was talked through very thoroughly and was easy to understand. Very comprehensive and I'm better informed on how to rescue lives now.”

    ~ Jelena, 7 days ago
  • “A very good training and clear information.”

    ~ James, 8 days ago
  • “It made me take training more seriously and care deeper than I have in awhile. Sincerity of knowledgeable, experienced instruction. ”

    ~ george, 8 days ago
  • “I think this training is extremely useful and great for people who needs a flexible schedule”

    ~ ayana, 9 days ago