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What our Students are Saying about us...

We have received thousands of comments over the years from satisfied students of our online training programs. Here are a few examples of the great experiences our students have had:

Customer Reviews
  • “I learned more from the training videos than I have from the recertification classes that I have been taking for the past 14 years.”

    ~ Melisa M., Child Care / Day Care Provider from Nebraska
  • “This was a great option instead of attending a class all day long. I felt since I was able to take my time to learn from the training videos that I retained more information. I also was able to take better notes because if I missed some information I was able to rewind the video. Thank you, Angela ”

    ~ Angela, Special Ed Para Educator from California
  • “It makes me fell good to know that I am certified again. In 2001 I saved a mans life. He was chocking on a piece chicken and I was the closest to him so I preformed abdominal thrust and the piece of chicken flew out of his mouth. I waited with the man until the help arrived.”

    ~ Tenisha from Connecticut
  • “Being a nurse and now working in the school system, this is a great and comprehensive training that is effective and useful for all people to learn.”

    ~ Linda R, Teaching from Idaho
  • “I like the multiple-choice options, they really make you think about real life situations.”

    ~ Elena from California
  • “I'm so glad there is CPR online training courses! Why well in my case it's hard in a small town where I live and I'm a busy college student so I don't have time to sit in a classroom for 4 hours extra while I'm in college classes all day!!! I'm glad that I gave ProTrainings a try since I had some great online classes at school for some of my online courses! ProTrainings rocks!!! I totally recommend ProTrainings to anyone that is looking for a quick easy way wanting to get their CPR training without sitting in a classroom!”

    ~ Ryshika, Social Work from Illinois
  • “This was super helpful and very convenient!!!!”

    ~ Crystal, Director of Operations from Minnesota
  • “I highly recommend completing ProFirstAid's online First Aid certification training. Emergency response techniques are clearly, succinctly and professionally presented through the series of instructional videos that make up the course. I am confident I can perform the important, potentially live saving, techniques presented based on this training. I also appreciate the e-mail training updates which will allow me to maintain the skills learned in this course. Christopher Mazur, Westchester IL ”

    ~ Christopher, retired teacher from Illinois
  • “This was a great refresher for having already been certified before, but I could also see it being helpful for those who have never gone through training. The videos were super informational, and short enough to keep my attention. The man in the videos was helpful and positive! All around, a great CPR and First Aid course!”

    ~ Madeline K from Missouri
  • “This course was in depth and easy to follow. I would recommend this to anyone looking for CPR and First Aid training.”

    ~ Buck from Texas
  • “A great program to use when you already know the proper training and just need to recertification. ”

    ~ Andrea, Boat Captain from Hawaii
  • “Actually, this site was recommended to me by a family member, and I am very satisfied with it. The training was done at my most convenience.”

    ~ Anne from ON
  • “The videos are short enough and informative so you don't get bored.”

    ~ karen, Other from Arizona
  • “The training videos were clear and easy to understand. The trainer is experienced out in the field and shares his knowledge and experiences with us. Explanations were given which inform us how the body works in different scenarios. It's not about memorization. Changes and updates were explained. You can save your place and return where you left off.”

    ~ Michele, Teacher from Wisconsin
  • “Pro-first aid and CPR is great and goes over every emergency you can think of. It's very extensive, and educational.”

    ~ Cari, infant care specialist from Virginia
  • “Very informative and the site was very easy to use. I was amazed at how thorough it was while being able to do this in the comfort of my home!”

    ~ Andrea from Illinois
  • “I love how you explained why my answers were correct or incorrect each time. ”

    ~ Francesca, Teacher from California
  • “I enjoyed the videos. The expertise of the instructor is evident. His clarity and consideration for each situations made my experience enjoyable.”

    ~ Mary, Licensed Massage Therapist / Practitioner (LMT/LMP from Texas
  • “I thought the instructor was great! He is kind and caring and very knowledgeable. ”

    ~ Michelle, Stay at Home mom from California
  • “Easy! Able to go at my own pace and did not take long! ”

    ~ ciara, Childcare Provider from Wisconsin
Live & Un-Edited Reviews
  • “Very informative and educational. ”

    ~ Manuela, about 2 hours ago
  • “Great course! Ray is a super professional and so emotional. It really helps to understand and remember information better. Also, the short scenes relating the victims' stories were of great help too. Thank you so much for such a great opportunity!”

    ~ Oksana, about 5 hours ago
  • “Very informative.”

    ~ Mark, 1 day ago
  • “This was super helpful, and reasonably engaging to keep my attention. The test questions were very well covered.”

    ~ London, 1 day ago
  • “The ProTrainings videos were direct and straight to the point. I did like the fact that it's more affordable and I could do it on my own time especially because there was a lot to learn (almost 5 hours of training). That would've been difficult for me to complete after work on a normal day. ”

    ~ Semy, 2 days ago
  • “quick, easy, very informative”

    ~ Kimberly, 2 days ago
  • “Hello, I'm glad to have hade this course, especially the F<A>S>T I could have recognized on an incident, that I could have better performed c”

    ~ Capt Chuck, 3 days ago
  • “I enjoyed taking the test ... I watched the video for aBout five minutes not even. I skipped and went right to the test just too try my luck. I scored 63%. So I felt like that was not enough for me. So i tried again and scored 76%.... i knew in my heart that three strikes means you out. And I couldn’t get put out the game. So I took it again and scored a passing 80% plus all the bonus questions. .....I loved the challenge.....”

    ~ Shawlene, 4 days ago
  • “Great instruction. Take the time to complete this course. Covers all ages and breaks it down. It provides updated techniques and insight into different situations. Explanations are thorough for each section covered. The video makes the training easy to follow and understand. It makes one think about situations that may come up and how to react. Very useful awareness and action steps. Highly recommend.”

    ~ Jeff, 4 days ago
  • “I liked having many short lessons. Each lesson was easy to understand. The website is set up to allow for easy lesson reviewing.”

    ~ Rebecca, 4 days ago
  • “Very informative!”

    ~ Mark, 4 days ago
  • “I would recommend this online course for anyone needing to be recertified. The class was very informational.”

    ~ cathy, 4 days ago
  • “Pro trainings is the best very informative great training and convenient”

    ~ Ashley, 5 days ago
  • “Cristal clear course even for a french guy with a poor english .Thank you !!”

    ~ Michel, 5 days ago
  • “Found it informative and easy”

    ~ Terri, 5 days ago
  • “easy to understand the questions”

    ~ Salma, 5 days ago
  • “Great course, easy to understand and use. Would recommend. ”

    ~ Joseph, 5 days ago
  • “Challenging questions! It made you really think.”

    ~ erika, 6 days ago
  • “I really enjoyed the go at my own pace that the videos provide as well as being able to save and login at times that were convenient for me!”

    ~ Beatrice, 6 days ago
  • “Simple but helps tremendously. ”

    ~ Destiny, 6 days ago