Common Questions: Training and Test

Please read the suggestions below for answers to common questions.

You may take and retake the test as many times that you need to for free. It is only after passing the test and when you wish to print off your certificate that you must pay. Once you do pay, you may print off your certificate as many times as you like for free.

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In our tests, we give you an assortment of random question from our test question pool that is made up of questions in multiple categories that we deem necessary for determining whether you have mastered the required topics in a course.

In order to pass the test, you must not only finish with an overall percentage deemed adequate for the course you select, but you also must answer enough questions correctly in each category included in the course.  Some categories have as many as 7 or 8 questions that must be answered correctly, and some categories do not require that you answer any questions correctly.  If you either do not have a high enough overall score or you do not fulfill the requirements of any one category, you will fail the test and must re-start after viewing video remediation.

If you are very close to passing after finishing the required number of test questions, we may ask you some additional questions to see if you can show your mastery of the material in the course.

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Our course trainings are a hybrid of videos interspersed with comprehension questions.  The topics are arranged in video categories just as the videos are arranged in our video library.  After watching a video, you may be asked one or more comprehension questions about the video you just watched.  Then, you will be taken to the next video.  Once you have watched all of the videos and answered all of the questions pertaining to each video, you will have completed the training.

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After each incorrectly answered test question, we give you immediate feedback as to why that answer was not correct, and you must choose the correct answer before you may proceed to the next question.

After the test, whether you pass or fail, you will have an opportunity to view the remediation videos corresponding to the questions that you missed on the test.  The videos are presented in a playlist, and while you are watching each video, you will see the questions you missed that are answered by that video displayed under the video.  This will better prepare you for your next attempt at the test by addressing specifically the questions that you answered incorrectly.

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