Common Questions: Payment

Please read the suggestions below for answers to common questions.

If your debit/credit card transaction is being denied or rejected when attempting payment, try using a different card if available.  If you are using a pre-paid debit card, like green dot, you may need to activate it by calling the number on the back of the card and registering your zip code before using for online transactions.

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Credit card and debit card are the preferred methods of payment accepted by ProTrainings. By paying using one of these methods, you will be granted immediate access to print your certificate online.

We do take money orders, but we cannot approve you to print your certificate until we receive the check / money order.

Please send the money order to:

6452 E Fulton St. #1
Ada, MI 49301

Please include your full name AND your address on the money order.

Please make money order payable to: ProTrainings,LLC

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Upon successful payment, a receipt will automatically be sent to your email address.  You may also log into your account and click on the receipts tab on the home screen. If you did not receive this receipt and this tab does not show up on your home screen, it is likely that there was a problem in the payment process. You may attempt payment again, or call our support number during our work hours to attempt payment over the phone.

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Yes, you can simply call us and pay over the phone. Please have your username in hand. Sometimes there can be a difference between what it says on your credit/debit card statement and what you enter on the payment page. Enter exactly what the statement says on the same lines word for word.

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If your employer is paying for the course and the site is charging you, please make sure you have entered the discount code correctly (where given) and make sure you have used the username and password given by your employer (where given). If you come to the site without one of these, then the site will charge. Also, make sure that you have selected the correct course that your employer has agreed to pay for you. If in doubt, please contact your employer or our support email/phone.

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Payment gateways are very strict on the security of your card information, so any differences in the address compared to the one you enter may cause it to fail.  Try again or you can use PayPal, which process differently. Or simply call us and we will process it over the phone.

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