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Technology has enhanced the way we can connect with Emergency Services. Here are some of the ways you can reach help.

1. Text

Though not available in all areas, many EMS departments have texting abilities. Texting provides access to EMS for the deaf and hard of hearing and also may be a good choice where the area is very loud. 

2. Dial 911

Using the handset of a cell phone you can reach EMS. This is the preferred method to call for help. Using a cell phone also allows you to put the operator on speaker freeing up your hands to provide aid. 

If you do not have a phone and encounter a locked phone, most traditional cell phones have an emergency call feature. Familiarize yourself with the various models so that you can navigate to the emergency call option.

3. Phone Applications

Apps like Pulsepoint will provide resources like an AED locator and even put out a call to other rescuers in the area that can come help.

4. Landline and VOIP phones

If you use a landline of Voice over IP phone be sure to know your exact location so that you can help EMS providers navigate to you.