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Show Transcript

This segment will cover snake bites and jelly fish stings. Upon recognition, the treatment is to activate emergency medical services, expedite the victim to emergency advanced care as fast as possible, and create neutralization to the wound site until the presence of emergency medical services is available.

For snake bites, the goal is to reduce motion of the limb and limit circulation around the bite in order to keep toxins out of the lymph nodes.  There are two maneuvers for this process: 1) within advanced care settings, utilizing a blood pressure cuff; if a blood pressure cuff is not available, utilize an ace bandage to create pressure without cutting off the circulation.  Within a jelly fish sting setting, the neutralization process is to pour vinegar on the sting area for 30 seconds; the pain treatment is to submerge the wound area in non-scalding hot water. These procedures will help to neutralize the wound until emergency medical care is available for treatment.  

Avoid: CUT AND SUCTION, COLD PACKS (at risk for frost bite)