Can I Get CPR Certified Online?

Since there is no one accrediting body with national jurisdiction, the decision to accept a CPR (BLS) certification from any provider (such as the American Heart, Red Cross or ProCPR) is left to each individual employer, licensing board, or any other agency requiring CPR certification.

Unfortunately, that means that it's very difficult to give a solid, doubtless answer to someone wondering if they can use ProCPR certification. The good news is that out of the hundreds of certifications we issue every day only 2% are rejected. This percentage has decreased substantially over the years and as ProCPR gains more recognition this percentage will continue to shrink. Our students, from experienced RNs to students requiring BLS certification, continue to vouch for the quality of our training and are our biggest ally in continuing to gain recognition. Read live reviews from current customers.

Common reasons that an employer or agency may not accept ProCPR are:

  • They've never heard of ProCPR before
  • They require a hands-on portion
  • They have an exclusive policy with another training provider

ProCPR is unique in the fact that we have dedicated programs to address these objections so that our students can enjoy online certification without the risk. The following assurances come with each ProTrainings & ProCPR certification:

  1. Most employers accept ProCPR immediately, no questions asked, since the curriculum (what is covered in the class) is right on the card and contains all the required topics.
  2. ProCPR has been approved of by several 3rd party accreditation organizations who have written approval letters that we can make available to you and your employer. After receiving our accreditation employers almost always accept the ProCPR card. Learn more
  3. ProCPR offers a blended program. This program lets you do the training and testing online and then follows it up with a hands-on skills demonstration with an instructor in your area. This fully accredited program will satisfy any employer requiring a hands-on course.
  4. We back up our certification with a money back guarantee in appreciation for your trust and your time.

With the exception of those few employers who simply have an exclusive policy with another certification provider, any informed employer or agency will accept your ProCPR online certification.

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If your job requires you to be certified in CPR, or you just want to learn CPR to be ready in an emergency, then you're in the right place. We've certified hundreds of thousands of professionals in our online and blended CPR courses, and you can join them.

Find out how you can get your accredited CPR certification without spending your day in a classroom.

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