Why Daycare Administrators Need CPR Training

If you happen to be running a daycare, then you already know just how important your job is and what the implications are. Parents have entrusted you with that which is most precious to them and with that being the case, you need to make sure that you are taking every single precaution. Let's face it, accidents are going to happen at a daycare no matter what kind of precautions you choose to take, and as they say, kids will be kids. What you can do however is make sure that those accidents do not escalate into full scale fatalities. We're talking of course about events that might require you to administer the treatment known as CPR, which is without a doubt one of the most effective out there. A daycare administrator is going to need CPR training for a number of different reasons, but primarily for those times when typical treatments are completely ineffective. 

When Should you Use your CPR Training?

The administration of CPR, especially in a daycare environment is something that should be used in the event that a child becomes unresponsive. Before you administer CPR you will need to check for the following:

  • Responsiveness - Try to speak to the child and determine whether or not they are truly unresponsive. For example, try shaking or shouting at them, or both if possible. If they do not respond, move on to the next item.
  • Breathing - Is the child breathing? Place your hear near their face and listen for air flow from their nose or mouth. 
  • Pulse - Using two fingers, check to see if the individual has a pulse.

If they are completely unresponsive then you will want to consider moving on to CPR, but keep in mind that CPR for a child is considerably different than CPR for an adult. Rather than full chest compressions you will follow a procedure that involves two fingers, which you are going to learn in your online CPR training course. 

Get the Right Training for Yourself or your Employees

If you're going to be effective as a daycare then you need to make sure that you as well as your employees have the right training. This means, of course, taking the right online training and making sure that everyone has access to it, whether you choose to have them trained at the facility or from the comfort of their own homes. It won't be long before everyone is properly trained and ready to cater to the needs of the children whether they are teaching or averting a disaster using the skills acquire in CPR certification courses.  Look into CPR training online today and be prepared for the worst.

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